Our Services


Every project starts with an idea. Using our expertise, we help you mold that idea into a well-structured specification that can be implemented with a breeze.

Web applications

Tired of installing and updating client applications that only work on certain operating systems? We can help you with web applications running in your data center or hosted in the cloud.

Mobile apps

A good responsive website can cover most of the needs, but sometimes, there is still a need for a dedicated mobile application. We use Flutter for cross-platform development to reduce your time to market and costs.

Embedded development

Have an existing electronic device that you would like to make smarter? We offer firmware development that allows your devices to connect with other devices or the internet.

Internet of things (IoT)

Smart devices provide better connectivity and have become a practical part of our everyday lives. We can combine multiple building blocks into a full IoT solution.

Industry 4.0

We offer software solutions in the field of industrial automation for easier transition to Industry 4.0.

Integration of various systems

Do you have two systems that don’t speak the same language, so you have to do a lot of things manually? We’ll find an optimal way to get them to work together and make your life easier.

Alexa Skills

Bring your products and applications to even more customers using voice commands.

Support and maintanace

After a project is finished, we are available for long-term support and upgrades.